• 12vdc Power Supply With Older 9pin Adapter Jumpers

Early Williams/Bally Transformer Voltage Adapter

Early WPC machines use a 9 pin transformer voltage connector.  See the game compatibility tab for a list of machines that use this type of connector.  If your machine has this 9 pin connector, we will provide an inline connection to it that will power the included 12vdc power supply.  During checkout, you will choose which voltage your machine is currently running with so that we know how to properly pre-set the jumpers for your particular setup.  Simply disconnect your current 9pin transformer voltage connector, connect it to our adapter, connect our adapter back into your transformer connector, secure the grounding strap, and you are good to go.

This Item Includes:

  • 12vdc 5A Power Supply
  • 12pin Molex Connector Adapter Cord
  • 6' Extension Cord

12vdc Power Supply With Older 9pin Adapter Jumpers

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